Are you sick and tired of having the random unexpected power outages and having no clue as to when it will be back? Imagine you organize with all your mates to come over to have a braai and watch the game, and as the kick-off whistle is about to blow, “click” – there goes the power.  Solar Panel Sunningdale has the answer for you! With our solar power system, the power in your house will kick back on within 10 seconds of the initial power dip, allowing you to carry on watching your game as originally planned.

Solar panel Sunningdale

How? With our 100-watt solar panel feeding the solar panel battery, the stored energy will be put to use straight away. Not sure what sport to watch? Click the following link to find out what sports South Africa has to offer:

On the other hand, think about sitting in the boardroom of your company in the most important meeting of your career, waiting to finalize that deal you have been setting up for the last 3 years, and it is all postponed due to a lack of electricity in the area. NOT FAIR. Solar Panel Sunningdale will be able to power your business with many 300-watt solar panels, turning it into a solar company so you don’t have to wait any longer for that deal to go through.

If you just enjoy the simple things in life, like camping, the flexible solar panels are for you. Fold it, carry it, drop it, drag it, do whatever you can to it, Solar Panel Sunningdale  are extremely durable and can withstand a lot of abuse, but are still a reliable source of power when you are in the middle of nowhere and need some power to charge your camera to snap some of the best shots nature has to offer. Why not try and replicate some of these amazing photos?:

You cannot put a price on a good quality lifestyle

Solar Panel Sunningdales’ solar panel prices are by far the lowest in the Western Cape. Not only do we do inspections and quotations for free, but we also offer installations for FREE. Give us a call and we will have our inspectors knocking on your door today, quotation tomorrow, and installation of your solar power system the next.

Our teams will work around the clock

With many years of experience in the industry, we have many teams lead by the chief handyman along with his crew that will be able to not only do solar panel installations but also other services such as plumbing, leak detections, and specializing in geysers and solar geysers.

Solar panel Sunningdale

Call Solar Panel Sunningdale  today and find the light in the dark.